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iamBASKETBALL personal Training (Videos below)
Individual / Small group (1-3 Players): $45 Per Hour per Player
Large group (4+): $25 per Hour Each Player
Specializing in supporting players with:
Basketball...Intelligence, Aptitude & Application
Ball handling, shot mechanics & Muscle Memory
offensive...attack skills, Court Vision & balance
defensive...Posture, Planning & positioning
Footwork, post play & player movement
Strength Training, Endurance & Fitness
Basketball psychology, automated Thinking & proactive response
2020 Spring Closure Daily In-Home Workout
For additional videos please...
Visit the Pix & Vids page of this website, the iamBASKETBALL Youtube channel or the iamBASKETBALL_Forever Instagram page.
Use The bottons at the top of this website to navigate to the Youtube and instagram.
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