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Our mission is to...


Support and enhance each player's basketball intelligence, aptitude and mechanics through instructional scaffolding and global development. Maximize each player's individual growth, work ethic and potential through training and skill building. And foster each player's dexterity, creativity and adaptability through application and healthy competition.


Our goal is for each player to increase their ability to play balanced, yet aggressive and intuitive total team basketball with an emphasis on offensive creativity and defensive flexibility. While promoting their development through trainings designed to encourage both athleticism and skill but also improve their ability to think the game.



To support and maximize each players... 


Intelligence: Capacity to retain, analyze, understand and apply knowledge for future use.


Aptitude: Ability to use learned knowledge, experiences and skills to positively impact both individual and team performance


Mechanics: The fundamental skills and adaptive techniques needed to increase muscle memory for more effective and efficient game play.

About the Founder

Rashim Iman Lancit, MS, EdS, NCSP


Mr. Lancit is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, with  additional years of experience and training in Sports Psychology and Child Development presently providing clinical therapy and developmental support to High School aged students in Montgomery County. He has been coaching and training basketball players since 1998 across various levels, ages and skill in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery county areas. Mr. Lancit is a USA Basketball, the governing body of basketball in the US, Gold Certified Basketball Coach. But most importantly Mr. Lancit is passionate and dedicated to supporting youth development in both basketball and life. 

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